Nokia 7 Plus Deals

The Nokia 7 Plus is a 6-inch screen handset that was released in 2018 and offers users a comprehensive smartphone performance at a reasonable price tag that will appeal to many. The high-end glass front with aluminium back and frame give this a really nice look and feel and it comes with a dual rear camera featuring a 12 and 13 megapixel lens and plenty of other functionality.

Nokia is a long-standing name in the mobile phone world, and they have a reputation built on many years of Quality handsets that date right back to the iconic 3310 that first made its appearance in the 90s. This handset has been designed to appeal to the next generation of mobile phone users who are particularly keen to use their handsets as mobile streaming devices for movies and television catch up services as well as online gaming. To learn more about the true extent of this impressive handset, why not have a look at our comprehensive review where you will also be able to compare it with other phones at the same level to see which is best for you.

Nokia 7 Plus Contract Offers

Picking the best handset is only half of the process when it comes to getting a new phone. You then need to consider the contract offer and what you To keep up with your daily life. Pay monthly deals are made up of three parts, you have your talk time and texts, and then you have your data. The first two tend to be dealt with as one item, and you will find many different network providers offering these on an unlimited basis which, to be honest, is the best you can get. It doesn’t make the contract that much more expensive because they are actually very cheap for the providers to supply.

If you do choose a service that has a capped number of minutes and texts you are at risk of going over these, in which case extra charges would apply so unlimited is generally safer. You do need to remember that specific calls are never covered by any network provider, and these tend to be premium rate phone numbers or text services where you are being charged more for the privilege. Large companies tend to use premium-rate numbers for call centres, and text services tend to be things like competition entry charity donations and contacting television and radio shows. You can simply avoid these altogether or accept that you will pay slightly more if you choose to use them from time to time.

Nokia 7 Plus Big Data Deals

Data is your next issue, and big data deals have been created specifically for customers who have large data requirements in a month. Understanding how data works is vital as many customers do not and find themselves subject to a range of extra charges at the end of the month. Your data allowance comes into play when you are accessing any Internet services via your handset and are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

This would mean your phone would be showing the 4G/5G symbol, generally when you are out and about. Some people do not have a home Wi-Fi connection and use their handset instead in which case they will definitely need a big data deal or an unlimited data deal which will cost more monthly, but it’s preferable for some people. If you only occasionally send or receive emails while you are out and perhaps use the odd app your data allowance will not need to be very high, but if you are intending to stream high-definition movies or use your device as a mobile hotspot to connect something else like a laptop to the Internet you will need more data.

Nokia 7 Plus Cheapest Deals

So when it comes to getting the cheapest deal there is a caveat, it is only the cheapest if it actually meets your needs. If you purchase a pay monthly contract that does not offer enough in the way of talk time, text, and data you are going to find yourself paying more than you hoped each month as you will be charged every time you go over your allowance.

So there is no point looking at any deals that do not offer enough data and if possible, try and get more than you need as this will cover you for any unexpected days in a month. Some network providers will let you carry forward any unused data, and some will simply reset the clock to zero and start again so it’s important to find out what’s on offer. With so many network providers offering so many different deals for each handset, you should easily be able to bring something in on budget, and there are other tricks you can use to achieve what you hope for. First of all, you could extend the contract length which some providers will happily do from the average of two years to 3 years, and you will find the monthly payment goes down. In this case, you’re being rewarded for your loyalty.

Nokia 7 Plus Sim Free Deals

Alternatively, if you would prefer to control your monthly spend with a pay-as-you-go Sim card and simply not use your handset when your time runs out, then you may find a Sim free deal more preferable. In this case, you are just purchasing the handset with no Sim card or contract tie at all. Now obviously you do need a Sim card to make the phone work, so the handset you are buying must be either unlocked or on the same network as your Sim card.

You pay for the phone in one upfront single payment, and the more high end and flagship your phone is the more it’s going to cost with the latest phones costing well over £1000. It is still a competitive market, so you will find that you are offered incentives in order to try and secure your business for many of the mobile phone retailers.