Best Oppo Mobile Phone Deals

Oppo is a Chinese based manufacturer that has broken into the UK market thanks to the fantastic range of handsets that they have on offer. They have a strong presence across the globe, and their phones are well designed and offer high-end technology and a stunning modern look that customers love. Infinity screens are the most popular look, and they have nailed this, and with the addition of super-fast charging and some amazing camera tech, it is no wonder they are proving to be so popular. 

Their cameras are supported with AI magic which means they are capable of rivalling high street cameras and their pricing is incredible, putting them well within reach for many people. When it comes to charging some of their handsets can clock up 40% from zero in just ten minutes, and the full charge takes only 40 minutes in total, which means your downtime is reduced. This is thanks to their own charging breakthrough which they have called the VOOC Flash Charge making them the fastest charging handsets currently on the market.

Oppo A9 Deals

The Oppo A9 is a stunning handset that features the neatest water drop front-facing camera housing making the phone all screen and totally beautiful to look at. There is nothing in the way of clutter on the rear either with a stunning traffic light arrangement containing the dual-lens camera and flash. The primary shooter is 48MP, and there is a supporting Ultra Wide lens as well. Larger handsets are still the most popular, and this one is 6.5 inches with an HR+ display, making it perfect for gaming, streaming movies and more. There are loads of great deals to be had with different data packages and fabulous free gifts, so why not have a look. 

Oppo Reno 2Z Deals

The Oppo Reno 2Z brings something different to the table when it comes to camera technology, as they have found a way to leave the front screen completely clear of any bezel or cutout housings. The front-facing selfie camera is a popup that stores neatly within the housing when not in use. The rear camera is pretty impressive and features a vertical stack of four lenses, a 48MP, a 13MP, a 2MP and a second 2MP which gives this some pretty impressive photographic capability. 

It is another larger size handset and also measures 6.5 inches this time with a full HD+ AMOLED display which boasts crystal clear images and true to life video playback. So if you are looking for an Android handset that will enable you to stream movies, play games and thoroughly enjoy your phone this could be the perfect contender for you, why not have a look at some of the deals on offer. 

Oppo Reno 2 Deals

Another handset that showcases their developments in pop up front-facing camera technology. The camera is 16MP and a completely different shape, and design to that found on the Reno 2Z, but once more remains hidden until needed. On the back of the phone is another quad lens camera this time featuring 48MP, 13MP, 8MP and 2MP which is brilliant if you want a phone that can double as a camera when you are out and about. 

The screen is the same as the Reno 2Z, a 6,5 inch full HD+ AMOLED display, so you again get all the benefits that this offers. It arrives running Android 9.0 Pie which is not the latest but still a more recent incarnation. This is another stunning offering, and there are loads of deals to be hand from a range of providers and networks, so all you have to do is find the best pay monthly deal to suit your needs, and you could be walking away with a brand new phone in the next few days. 

Oppo Reno 5G Deals

Future-proofing is a buzz word in the mobile phone industry at the moment, and many of the handsets do offer longevity with their operating system and internal hardware. One significant change that is rapidly approaching is the switch to 5G, and in order to access the network, users will need to have a handset that contains a 5G modem. Without this, you will remain on the 4G network until you upgrade. Oppo has made sure it will not be left out of future endeavours by offering the Reno 5G and again it is a really cracking handset with a lot to offer. 

Slightly bigger than their other handsets it measures 6.6 inches and has a full HD+ AMOLED display. Keen to continue the unbroken front screen look the front-facing camera once more pops up from inside the casing and has a similar design to the Reno 2. This is a great 5G handset that is backwards compatible, so you will still receive the 4G network where 5G is not available but will make the transition a breeze. 

Oppo RX17 Pro Deals

Slightly lower down in the mid-range category the Oppo RX17 Pro is another really solid offering that brings stunning mobile phone ownership into the budget for many people. This time the front-facing camera is neatly housed in a small waterdrop cutout which does not detract from the performance of the 6.4 inch full HD display. Again there is high-end camera tech on offer, and the dual-lens rear camera has a 12MP, and 20MP arrangement that works well and the supporting software has made this camera perfect for night shooting. 

Utilising the AI Ultra-Clear Engine, Smart Aperture and OIS you have the ideal conditions for poor light photography which is brilliant from a phone at this level. The bottom line is Oppo may not be a name you are that familiar with, but they have some great handsets and are very affordable. You will also find that the handsets are available as Sim Free deals, so you have plenty to choose from, and there is more than likely a free gift on offer from many providers so have a look at the full reviews of the handsets or the Oppo deals we have found for you.