Tesco Mobile Phone Deals

Tesco mobile is an arm of the Tesco corporation, and while they started out as a supermarket, they have branched out in many directions, including clothing, pharmacies, and selling mobile phones. It is a name that everybody will have heard off and they do have quite a large share of the market. Tesco piggyback off the O2 network so have the same level of coverage as they do, but are an independent brand with deals of their own and a range of extras.

Tesco Mobile Sim Only Deals

Tesco offers a dozen or so Sim only contracts, and these either have a duration of 24 or 12 months. Any agreement whether Sim free or pay monthly has to be completed; any attempt to leave early will incur a penalty charge for the remaining period. The Sim only deals that they offer have a good range of choice when it comes to data with some big data deals on offer right up to 100 GB a month. If data is less attractive, the smallest Sim only data deal is 2 GB of data a month. The Sim only deals have allocated minutes and texts, and they do not seem to have an unlimited option here but 5000 minutes and 5000 texts are available, and that is an awful lot of time to talk to people and send messages.

Tesco Mobile Extras

Tesco focuses on low prices, and with that in mind, they are incredibly competitive but tend not to offer much in the way of extras in order to keep the price low. They do have a link to the club card, and you can get a certain amount of each month depending on the deal you are looking at, for example, 5 pounds off or £10 off et cetera. This might be perfect for some people who are not interested in streaming services or free gifts. You just get the handset you want at the lowest possible price, which is all that you feel is important.

Tesco Mobile Coverage

As already mentioned, Tesco uses the O2 network, which we know is comprehensive. If you want to check the level of coverage in your area before you sign up, you can use their coverage checker which is found on the website here https://www.tescomobile.com/coverage-checker. There are two pages available one is for checking the coverage generally, and the other is for searching to see if they are experiencing any problems or outages in which case they will be shown on the second map, the Live Status Checker. 

Tesco Mobile Roaming 

If you are going abroad, you’ll be pleased to know that your Tesco mobile we are working over 100 countries, they recommend that you check any calling charges before you leave using their roaming charge checker. They also have an app which is available to download that enables you to check roaming costs on the go. Home from home destinations work in precisely the same way as if you were still in the UK, and again these tend to be European countries. Using your phone here means you simply pay the same costs and use the same allowances as you do here.

Tesco Mobile Customer Service

Tesco customer service is excellent, and if you have a store with a mobile outlet located within it, you can speak to them in person. On the website there is live chat, you can contact them by phone and email, and the customer service team are knowledgeable and happy to help. On the website, there is an extensive frequently asked questions area which might enable you to solve the problem for yourself. However, if you would rather speak to a member of the team, they are available most of the time.

Tesco Mobile Tariffs

When it comes to selecting a tariff Tesco have simplified the process, the first thing you’re asked to do is choose the hands that you’re interested in, and then you’re presented with a range of choices firstly you can choose whether to pay an upfront cost. The handset can either be free, or you can make a contribution in increments say £60, £120, or £180 depending on the value of the handset. Next, you can decide on the length of your contract, and all handsets are available on a 12, 18, 24, 30, or 36-month contract. When it comes to a pay monthly contract, you are tied in for the duration so you need to remember that a 36-month contract may cost you less monthly however you will have the same handset for three years. 

Tesco Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

Mobile Wi-Fi calling is a handy tool that is available on most networks. Basically, it means that if you find you have no signal but need to make a call if you can connect to Wi-Fi connection you can use this to make a cool basically on a VoIP basis. This is a handy function and means should you have to find yourself in a location without signal your phone will still work provided you have Wi-Fi. It does not cost anything to the person whose Wi-Fi you are using, but instead, you will be deducted minutes and text accordingly as if you were using the phone as usual.

Tesco Mobile Tethering & Hotspots

Mobile tethering or using your handset as a hotspot is another useful feature. Imagine you have popped to a coffee shop to do some work on your laptop only to find they do not have any Wi-Fi available. When you need to send a document by email, for example, you can use your mobile phones for 4G and tether it to your laptop meaning you have a temporary Internet connection. Doing this uses a lot of data, so it is not recommended for an extended period, but if it gets you out of a tricky situation, it is well worth doing. If you think it is something you’re going to need to do a lot, you need to consider a big data unlimited data package.