Three Mobile Phone Deals

The UK networks have been around for quite a while and Three has always been one that has had a solid reputation for providing a quality network with a great data package. Three offers an amazing range of handsets and this can be bewildering for a newcomer looking to get the best deal around on a handset. Therefore, it is important that you know something about the network so that you can make an informed choice about which network you want to go with. 

Three Sim Only Deals

If you already have the handset of your dreams and you want to keep it then a sim only deal could be for you. This is also great if you are switching from pay-as-you-go for the first time. Three have a range of sim only deals which give you complete freedom when it comes to choosing a device that works for you.  They have some fantastic deals some of which are 5G ready which is great if you are looking to get an upgrade to a 5G handset in the near future. Sim only contracts are available fixed over different periods. So you can get yourself a 30 days period to try, 12 months or 18 months, the longer you choose then the better price and the better value you will get. 

Three Extras

Three has a wide range of extra benefits that they can add on to your contract either for free or for a fixed price. The offers available are constantly changing but generally include things like access to Apple Music, or Spotify. Netflix, Amazon Prime or Audible are all possible options. There are also options available for international calling or subscriptions to many app services that can enhance your life. Once you have your contract in place then you should be able to log into your account and choose the extras that you want to add onto your account. If you have any problems in getting what you want then a friendly call to the customer service reps should have you up and running in no time at all. 

Three Coverage

Before signing up for a new network then you might want to check what the service is like in your area and like most providers, Three has a handy network coverage checker on their website. You can find it at the Three website. As one of the biggest providers in the UK then it is safe to say that most areas will have fantastic coverage particularly in an urban area. But if you are in a very rural area then it is possible that you might struggle, so it is worth checking out who provides the best coverage in the area in which you live. On the website, you will also find information about 4G, 5G and any other considerations you might need in order to choose the best network. 

Three Roaming

If you are often travelling abroad then you might want a solution for international calling and Three has several options for this. If you travel exclusively in the European Union, then currently there is no difference in using your phone in the UK. There are no extra charges for calls in this zone. If you need to use your phone outside the Eurozone then Three offers a range of packages that will give you sensible charges for using your phone abroad. Full details are available on the website and you can take advantage of the fact that Three offers international calling from 1p a minute. So if you know where you are going to travel and you are going to be abroad for a while then getting one of these packages will save you a fortune. 

Three Customer Service

Three prides itself on a high level of customer service and this includes providing a website that has a wealth of information to help you find the help you need. There is also a web-chat service on their website, and this is a great way to contact them. You can also call them for free from your handset, or if you can’t make calls there is a phone number you can contact them on from another device. The team is helpful and knowledgeable and only too happy to help work to fix your problem. 

Three Tariffs

Three has a huge range of deals and tariffs available for their customers. They want to be as flexible as possible and for this reason, they have contracts available up to 36 months in length with the longer you join them for the cheaper it is for you. If you sign up for a longer-term contract, then you need to be aware that you won’t be able to upgrade your handset until your contract has been cleared and paid off. This is the case even if a newer model of phone comes along. 

You might be able to get an earlier upgrade if you pay off the rest of your contract that relates to your device. You will need to get in touch with Three in order to make that determination but there are many different options for you to explore. The packages they offer include ones with unlimited data so if you often worry about going over your limit then you can get one of these and never have to worry again. 

Three Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling is great if you often find yourself in a situation where you have no mobile signal. This will use any available internet connection in order to make a call with crystal clear clarity. If you have a Wi-Fi signal, then you can use your handset to do everything you could if you had a mobile signal. This includes sending emails, making calls, and checking your social status. This makes it a great service for you to ensure that that important call always goes through. 

Three Tethering & Hotspots

If you find yourself in a place where you need to use a Wi-Fi signal for maybe a laptop or other mobile device, and you don’t have any Wi-Fi then you can turn your phone into a mobile hotspot. This does use up your data allowance and depending on what you are doing it can use quite an amount of data. But if you just need to do something quickly or have unlimited data then this can be a great solution. Just go to the personal hotspot toggle in your phone and turn it on. 

You can then connect anything that requires Wi-Fi to your phone for internet access. Just remember that the data is the most important part of your phone contract so if you go over your allowance you can rack up charges very quickly. Your phone won’t stop working if you go over your allowance, but you will find your bill getting bigger very quickly. So, it is best to not use it for data heavy applications such as watching videos.