BT Mobile Phone Deals

Moving into the world of mobile phones was a natural step for the UK’s oldest telecommunications provider, and they have an agreement with EE to use their network, but they have their own deals and exclusive packages that are full of goodies and well worth a look if you are in the market for a new pay monthly or sim only deal. They have a great reputation and also offer cross over deals for customers who use BT Broadband or landline service.

BT Mobile Sim Only Deals

There is a great range of Sim Only deals, and you get a preferential rate if you have BT Broadband, you then get loads of options depending on how much data you want, or whether you want a 4G or 5G enabled Sim card. They tend to offer a 12-month contract, which means you will pay a certain amount each month and if you wanted to cancel the deal before the end, you would be liable for the remainder of the cost. This is standard and happens with all network providers, so it is worth making sure you have the right deal for you before you sign up.

BT Mobile Extras

All network providers offer extra gifts to tempt customers to sign up to their services, and BT has a cracking selection to offer. Again you will get a discount if you are a broadband customer, and if you happen to BT Halo, there is even more discount on offer. In the free gift department, BT is partial MasterCard rewards, and this means you get sent a temporary single-use MasterCard that is preloaded with a certain amount of money. Unlike a cashback deal, this can be spent anywhere that accepts MasterCard. They also have some great offers like Apple Music and BT Sport subscriptions. 

BT Mobile Coverage

As mentioned, BT piggybacks off the EE network so you are getting a high level of coverage wherever you might happen to live. To check the coverage you can visit and simply pop in the postcode you wish to check; this might be your home, work or even where you go on holiday. Their page allows you to filter by 5G, 4G, 3G or 2G so you can keep an eye on 5G in your area as well. Coverage is pretty extensive, and you are unlikely to find an issue with most network providers unless you happen to live rurally.

BT Mobile Roaming

BT offers a service called Roam Like Home, which gives you the ability to use your phone as usual in 47 countries, which are basically countries within the EU. When you roam outside of the EU, they have a Travel Data Pass which costs £6 a day to get 500MB of data. Once activated, it keeps renewing daily until you stop using data in one of the 12 countries it covers when it automatically deactivates. Other than that, they have a list of calling charges when you are outside of the EU and using your handset, so you know what to expect when you travel. It is always advisable to check this in advance if you are a frequent flyer. 

BT Mobile Customer Service

BT has a range of services so naturally has an extensive customer service team available at all times. There is a dedicated mobile team, and they can be reached on the live chat via the website or via a phone call. On the site, you will find lots of self-service information that will provide the answer to many common questions. They have a good complaints escalation process and handle complaints well so you should have no problems if something does go wrong.

BT Mobile Tariffs

There are lots of different tariffs on offer, and basically, it depends on what you are looking for. You can customise your plan to make sure you have exactly what you need. Data is one of the biggest concerns for a mobile phone user, and you want to be sure you get enough to meet your needs. If you run out of data, your handset will continue to work, but you will accrue extra charges which can be a nasty shock at the end of the month when your bill comes. Most plans last for 24 months, but there are other options, and as usual, you have access to their range of free gifts, and these are specified on each deal. There is a discount for broadband and Halo users which sweetens the deal even more. 

BT Mobile Wifi Calling

Wifi calling can be used if you are experiencing issues picking up a signal but have access to wifi. Simply log onto the wifi if needed and you will be able to use your contract limits as normal. It is simple to do and means your handset can work even when the signal is dubious anywhere you have access to wifi. It is great for emergencies and can really help you out if the network provider is ever experiencing outages in your area temporarily. It is also useful if you go somewhere where there isn’t a strong signal, and you will have a clearer call than trying to talk on a patchy signal. 

BT Mobile Tethering & Hotspots

This can also work the other way round if you suddenly find yourself without wifi and need to use a laptop or other wifi only device. Your handset can become your 4G internet connection, but this is a very data-heavy thing to do, so it isn’t advisable for prolonged periods. However, it can be really useful as a temporary solution if you need to email a document from your computer or gain access to something only available on your laptop when it is connected to the internet. If you think this might be something you need to be able to do regularly, then you want to be looking at big data or unlimited data deals to make sure you are not incurring extra charges.