Sky Mobile Phone Deals

And broadband and landline providers it was inevitable that Sky would, at some point, create a mobile arm of their business. With the ability to create some excellent savings by combining several services on offer from Sky, it is natural that they have become popular and are now one of the biggest mobile phone providers. They work as a virtual mobile network operator on the O2 network so have the same coverage as them, but the deals and extras that they offer set them apart and make them appealable to a different audience. 

Sky Mobile Sim Only Deals

Sky offers five different Sim only packages, and the most substantial data deal is 25GB a month. This is because they feel that a pay monthly contract that comes with the handset makes more sense. But the Sim Only option is still there, and prices can be as low as £6 a month for 1GB of data. Their sim only packages all have unlimited calls and texts and have access to some of their special offers and extras. They operate these deals on a 12-month contract length so you would be required to pay for that length of time or face early repayment charges.

Sky Mobile Extras

Sky offers a range of extras to entice customers to sign up with them, and these vary depending on what is available at the time. We have seen free gifts like tablets or headphones, or you can save significant money with their exclusive online-only deals. All of their mobile contracts open the door to unlimited streaming when using Sky TV and Sky Mobile apps. There is also the ability to roll your data into the next month if you have any leftover which is good as often this is lost once the month ends. 

Sky Mobile Coverage

As we know, Sky uses the O2 network to provide coverage to its customers, and if you want to see what it is like in your area, you can have a look here Generally, there is excellent coverage in larger urban areas, and all network providers work hard to get rural areas covered well. You can check your home and the places you often visit to see whether they offer what you need. Once the map has loaded the postcode you have searched for you can look at the coverage by 5G, 4G, 4G calling and 3G to see if it meets your needs. 5G is far from UK wide with any provider at the moment, so it is probable your best coverage will still be 4G.

Sky Mobile Roaming

Using your phone abroad can be a costly business if you are not prepared, so checking with your network provider before you travel is highly recommended. Sky has a roaming passport, and this means you can use your phone in the EU as normal, and it won’t be charged any differently than if you were here in the UK, this applies to over 30 European countries. There is then a £6 per day charge that opens up the roaming passport plus, and this covers 12 further away destinations. Over 100 other locations are available, and they will be charged on standard roaming charges which you can check on their website before you go. 

Sky Mobile Customer Service

Sky has a good level of customer service provision, and they have a dedicated team for mobile and network queries. They can be contacted in all of the usual ways, including live chat, email, and phone. On the website, there is a comprehensive knowledge base which is easy to navigate and contains loads of information. This means you can find the answer to many queries for yourself, but if you prefer to speak to a person, the option is always there. 

Sky Mobile Tariffs

Sky has a range of tariffs, and these are offered on a 12 or 24-month basis. You begin by choosing the handset and determining the length of the contract, which gives you the first part of your monthly price. This also tells you whether you will have to pay anything upfront or whether the handset has no upfront cost. Newer handsets and flagship phones naturally cost more and on shorter contracts are more likely to have an upfront cost. You can then choose the package you would like with data from 1GB a month up to 25GB a month, but remember there is a rollover so if you don’t use it you keep it. This gives you the second part of your monthly price and the total cost is shown at the bottom of the screen. 

Sky Mobile Wifi Calling

Sometimes you might find yourself without signal which can be frustrating if you need to make a call. If you have a Wi-Fi signal, you can use that to receive and make calls and text just as you would normally. It is currently only available on certain handsets, and these are:

  • Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 6 or later with 12.3 iOS or above.

  • Samsung Galaxy A20e, A40, A70, A90 (5G), J4+, Note10, Note10+, Note10+ (5G), S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10e, S10 and S10+.

  • Sony Xperia 1, Xperia 5, Xperia 10, XZ1, XZ2, XZ3 and XA2.

  • Huawei P30 and P30 Pro.

That is also assuming you got the phone from Sky; if you didn’t, it might not work. If you are using the feature and the signal changes to 4G; instead you can continue the call with no interruption with 4G calling.   

Sky Mobile Tethering & Hotspots

So what happens if you have no Wi-Fi but need to use a laptop or other Wi-Fi only device to get online? Well, you can turn your phone into a mobile hotspot and connect your device to access the net. This is a very data-intensive thing to do, so you will run out of data much faster than normal, meaning it is not suitable for prolonged use. But for the occasional quick rescue to get something sorted it is a helpful feature.