VOXI Mobile Phone Deals

VOXI is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) who operates on the Vodafone Network and is, in fact, part of the Vodafone brand. It was created as a separate MVNO towards the end of 2017 specifically aimed and, indeed, only available to the under 25s at launch. This initial service was built on the premise that it was a SIM-only service that offered one unique selling point that was unlimited data to social media sites. This means that you could use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like as much as you wanted without it eating into your data allowance. The age restriction was initially relaxed and then removed as the brand developed and they now offer a small selection of handsets as well as sims. 

VOXI Sim Only Deals

SIM only was the basis for VOXI’s creation. This is still their core business and they offer a variety of SIM-only deals which on the 3G, 4G and 5G networks. All of their plans offer the included perk of ‘Endless Social Media’ this means that you won’t use any data allowance for accessing the major social media sites. This also includes access to services such as WhatsApp and Messenger as well, which means that you will always be able to message your friends. They have a range of deals available all on a no-contract basis, which means you are free to have them for a month and then stop them or change whenever you like. They also include a totally unlimited 5G plan which is a first for a SIM-only deal. 

VOXI Extras

VOXI tries to keep things simple for its users and doesn’t offer a wide array of extras for their devices or plans. All of the plans that they sell have a single add-on available and that is 1Gb of data for a fixed price. This is great because you need to have some data remaining in order to keep your ‘endless social media’ active, so you can easily just add a quick burst of data to keep this going. Elsewhere you can get an included amount of AppleTV+ with selected Apple devices you buy from them, but otherwise, they will keep things simple for you. This means you know exactly what to expect each month. 

VOXI Coverage

As mentioned above VOXI is part of the Vodafone family and this means that they get access to one of the most extensive networks in the UK. You should always check that you have a network in your area, in particular, if you want to try out 5G which is still being rolled out. Their website provides a handy coverage checker at https://www.voxi.co.uk/network-coverage-checker so you can just put in your postcode or location and see what the coverage is like where you live. You will find that all urban areas have some form of signal whilst you might be let down in some remote rural areas, so it is always best to check before you choose which network to use. Their website has all the information that you will need in order to determine which network is best for you and what their plans for the rollout of 5G are. 

VOXI Roaming

VOXI is part of the EU Roaming directive, which means that if you are using your phone in any country that is a member of the EU then you are able to use your minutes and data in the same way that you would in the UK at no extra cost. This keeps things simple if all you are doing is moving around the Eurozone. However, if you want to travel further afield then you should check on the website the cost of using your phone in that country. They don’t offer any specific international plans, so if you are planning on travelling a lot you should investigate what is the best deal for you. 

VOXI Customer Service

VOXI’s customer service is an offshoot of Vodafone’s customer service. This means that you get great help on their website and you can easily search the help section via a question and find a self-help guide to get you out of a mess. If you need more in-depth help then you are able to use a webchat or get in touch with them via social media where their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to sort out any problem that you have. 

VOXI Tariffs

VOXI offers several different tariffs that are all centred around the amount of data that you use. This, of course, excludes any social media data that you consume. What they do offer though is the ability to include extra sites into the ‘endless social media’ part of your contract, and these even include popular music streaming and video streaming sites. This means that if the majority of your data usage is because of social media or one of these sites then you are able to tailor your package and reduce the cost each month by making the most of the ‘endless’ nature of VOXI’s offerings. This is a great boost particularly for people who are constantly using social media. 

VOXI Wi-Fi Calling

Unfortunately, VOXI doesn’t currently support Wi-Fi calling, either using VoWi-FI or Vo-LTE. This is a pity as it is a really good technology that allows you to still make and receive calls when you have no network signal such as when you are in a building or other structure that blocks mobile signals. No doubt VOXI will investigate providing this service at some point in the future. Though you can still use WhatsApp and Messenger to make calls when you have no mobile signal and only data, and of course if you are using mobile data then these calls won’t use any of your allowances thanks to the ‘endless social media’ option. 

VOXI Tethering & Hotspots

VOXI does allow you to turn your handset into a mobile hotspot. This is great if you want to let your friends make the most of your free social media data so that you all can post and message on social media at the same time when they are out of data. It also means that if you need to send an email from your laptop or tablet device then you can flick a switch and turn your phone into the Wi-Fi connection that it needs. Just be aware that outside of social media you will be burning through your data allowance quickly, so you need to keep an eye on it.