Virgin Mobile Phone & Sim Only Deals

Virgin Media is a company founded by Richard Branson, and they have a lot of branches in the media and technology sector, including mobile phones. They piggyback on the EE network which gives them 99% of 4G coverage in the UK, but they also have exclusive deals and free gifts that are only available to Virgin Mobile customers so if you are researching your next pay monthly contract or looking for a Sim Only deal they are worth a look. We have put together some useful information to help you decide where to shop next. 

Virgin Mobile Sim Only Deals

Virgin Mobile offers a vast range of Sim only deals, which can be used when you do not need a new handset. They are perfect if you are finding pay-as-you-go too expensive and want to switch to a pay monthly phone to control your spending. Virgin Mobile offers plenty of customizability so you can create the perfect package for you. Whether you need big data or do you not really have a requirement for data, you are free to choose something that will work. They also have a family plan which is perfect for gaining extra discount if you have more than one member of your household signed up to the scheme, everyone will benefit from lower rates.

Virgin Mobile Extras

When it comes to extras, Virgin mobile is generous with their free gifts. These do change over time, but they offer things like free AirPods or headphones depending on the make of mobile you choose, the Nintendo switch, an iPad, and various wearables such as a Huawei watch meaning you have a great choice. They also offer something called data rollover which is unusual but means if you do have any data left at the end of the month it rolls over to the next month, which is really handy and perfect if you know you are going to have a heavy month you can be more careful in a few months leading up to it.

Virgin Mobile Coverage

As with all mobile phone providers, Virgin Mobile offers a coverage checking page By simply typing in the postcode of the area you wish to check, you can see how strong the 4G signal is. Because they use the EE network, they are in a very strong position; if you live in an urban area, you are likely to find that your coverage is excellent. For those in more rural areas, EE, therefore, Virgin Mobile by default has 99% coverage so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Virgin Mobile Roaming

Whether you travel extensively or are planning to go on holiday, the cost of your mobile while you are out of the country needs to be taken into consideration. Providers have been working hard to ensure it becomes cheaper as previously it was massively expensive and left people out of pocket. They offer a roam like home service, which means if you are travelling within the EU, your handset continues to function as usual, and you have the same allowance for data talk time and texts. If you have a 4G plan and you are within the EU, you will be connected to any 4G roaming services as they become available.

Virgin Mobile Customer Service

Customer service provision is good; there are plenty of ways you can contact and connect with a staff member. On the website, you will find a live chat facility, or you can contact them by phone. There is also a lot of information on the site which means you can try and solve some of your problems for yourself. When you are logged into your account, you will have access to detail specific to your plan and can make changes and request upgrades et cetera from there.

Virgin Mobile Tariffs

There is a good range of tariffs on offer, and because Virgin provides other services such as broadband, and television, you can get discounts if you are an existing customer or you wish to switch to them for some of your other services. They offer 24 or 36-month contracts and remember that you have to either stay with them for the length of the contract or purchase your way out which can be expensive. The more extended 36-month contract will offer lower prices, but it does tie you in for three years, so you have to decide whether you are happy to have the handset for three years. You have plenty of choices when it comes to determining what level of data you want, from unlimited to big data or virtually none.

Virgin Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

If you have ever visited a friend and discovered that you have no signal, it can be very frustrating; however, if you have access to Wi-Fi, you can take advantage of their Wi-Fi calling. It won’t cost your friend anything, but once you are connected to the network you will be able to use your phone to make calls and send texts, and this will debit your calling plan accordingly. Of course, this works anywhere that you have Wi-Fi but no signal and can really get you out of a tight spot. Once you have connected to a Wi-Fi network for the first time, it will remember your details, and you would automatically reconnect the next time you are there.

Virgin Mobile Tethering & Hotspots

Conversely, it can be incredibly frustrating if your Wi-Fi signal fails or you need to do something on the go but cannot find a Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop to connect to. In this case, you can use your phone and tether it to your computer temporarily to create an Internet connection. This is a data-intensive exercise so you must take into consideration your data allowance and it is not suitable as a long-term solution however in an emergency it is a great way to connect a laptop or other Wi-Fi only device to the Internet to be able to use it as normal.