Google Pixel 5 Deals

Finding the perfect phone can be a bit overwhelming with the vast different options available. Google is a well-known and trusted brand that always tries to push the envelope with their technology. The Google Pixel 5 is their newest mobile device and it’s made from recycled aluminium. 

The Google Pixel 5 weighs 151 grams and comes with a Full HD 6-inch screen. Unusually, there is a speaker under the screen. This is where the innovation of Google is on display and pushing the boundaries in their products. If you need to charge supported devices, you can do with the Pixel 5 with its battery share option. There is a 4080mAh battery that can be charged wirelessly and has fast-charging speeds of 18W.

Google Pixel 5 Contract Offers

The sheer amount of different phones and contracts on offer can mean you don’t know where to begin. We have put together a comparison tool to pick out the phone contract that meets all your requirements. This will potentially save you hours sifting through all the choices and hopefully save you some money too. You will be sure to find a suitable contract for your Google Pixel 5.

Taking some time to find the network that will meet all your needs will be worth it. Check out the network coverage where you live and you will see what providers are giving the best signal. This will make your choice a bit easier. When you have the network picked out you just need to decide what contract you would like. You don’t have to necessarily choose one of the four main networks, some smaller ones may offer better value.

Google Pixel 5 Big Data Deals

When you have decided what network can offer you the best service, you now need to decide how many minutes and text you’ll need. Contracts will more often than not have unlimited texts and calls. This means you won’t need to be concerned about going over your allowance and having to pay more money. 

Data accounts for a large portion of your monthly contract payment. When you can, it’s best to connect to Wi-Fi, that way you can save your data. The different apps you have on your phone will be using up the data without you even using them. When you are using the apps, some are using up more data than others. Watching YouTube videos or any other kind of streaming will use much more data than checking the weather or sending an email. 

There are a couple of ways to make sure you don’t go over your data limit. You can put a block on the amount and it will automatically stop once you reach the limit. This has some drawbacks though, you won’t be able to use the internet until the next month unless you buy more. The alternative is to get a data bundle that is more than you would usually use, that way you won’t run out.

Google Pixel 5 Cheapest Deals

Don’t always go for the cheapest option, this can end up costing you more money. If you sign up for a contract with little data allowance which you will most likely surpass, you will need to pay. This will end up costing you more than if you had gone with the more expensive option originally. The networks will try and entice you to take their offers by offering something extra.

Around the holiday season and times of the year, there are sales on, you will see a lot of the networks offering incentives to sign up with them. These include electrical items, Amazon Prime Video subscription, Apple Music subscription, and other tempting goodies. 

Google Pixel 5 SIM Free Deals

Getting your hands on the Google Pixel 5 without taking out a contract is possible, it just means you will have to fork out some cash up front. You can buy the phone then input your own sim. The devices are usually unlocked and will allow any network. The good thing about the SIM-free option is you won’t have to be paying any monthly payments and the phone is all yours.

The downside is the Pay As You go method usually works out to be more expensive than a contract overall. 

Google Pixel 5 FAQs

Is the Google Pixel 5 waterproof?

This device can stay underwater for up to half an hour as it’s IPX8 water-resistant. So, yes the Google Pixel 5 is waterproof.

Does the Google Pixel 5 have a headphone jack?

The bottom of the phone contains a USB-C port, but not a 3.5mm headphone jack. Stereo speakers also come with the Google Pixel 5 but you won’t find a 3.5mm audio jack.

Does the Google Pixel 5 have a fingerprint scanner?

The rear of the phone contains a fingerprint scanner, but the front of the Google Pixel 5 doesn’t and is covered by Gorilla Glass 6.

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