iPhone 6s Plus Deals

Apple has always had at least two handsets in their annual release, a standard size and a larger version offering users of the bigger screen a chance to get the perfect phone for them. The iPhone 6s Plus is one such offer and users should not be put off by the fact that this is now a few years old. Although technology moves quite fast, Apple has taken care to ensure their handsets are future proofed, meaning that you are getting a high-end smartphone for a really low price.

Every time a new series is added the older handset drops in value a little bit and the deals you can get on the iPhone 6s Plus are currently really outstanding. If you have a look at our handset review, you will see exactly what this phone has to offer and then compare the network providers to see who has the best deal for you. There are so many different offers out there have a look through before you decide so you can be sure you found what you wanted. 

iPhone 6s Plus Contract Offers

When it comes to getting a new phone, a contract offer is your best bet for controlling your spending and being able to budget. The price you pay monthly is fixed, but you stay within your contract limits in order to only pay the amount you sign up for. There are various components within a contract, and one of the things is calls and text allowance. Many providers offer generous allowances, while others give you access to unlimited talk time and texts.

As long as you stay within these limits, you will not incur extra charges on your bill for going over your allowances. There are still some premium rate phone numbers that are not included in the allowances, and these calls are billed individually, at rates your network provider will share as part of the contract. The same applies to some texts, particularly if you enter a text competition or donate money to charitable causes via the text function on your phone. These are generally not included, and you will be billed extra, but as long as you are aware that it won’t come as a nasty surprise. 

iPhone 6s Plus Big Data Deals

The most expensive allowance to go over is your data, and this is where a lot of people do not make the right choice at the start. Big data deals have become popular thanks to a change in the way people use their handsets; there is a growing trend towards only having the phone to access the Internet and using it to play games and stream television and film services. If you are connected to WiFi, this does not use your data allowance, but if you switch to 4G or 5G, you are immediately using your data to access the Internet and send and receive data. You will find that if you run out of data, your handset continues to work as usual but you start accruing extra charges for your next bill.

Big data deals were designed to help stop this happening, and you can now get access to serious amounts of data each month, in some cases, even unlimited data. Some network providers also offer a carryover service, so any data left at the end of the month is carried forward to the next month. Lots of providers simply take it away as unused, so be sure to check before you decide where to sign-up. 

iPhone 6s Plus Cheapest Deals

So, if you are looking for the cheapest deal, you need to take care to ensure you are not falling into the trap of underspending and leaving yourself short of features such as data allowance, talk time and texts. It is better to pay a little more and end up with a fixed bill each month than constantly go over allowances and find you are paying much more in the long run.

Compare deals that actually offer the amount of data you need, not just the cheapest option. 1GB of data is going to be less expensive than 30GB, but it certainly won’t last as long, and if it doesn’t meet your needs, it is a totally false economy. You can also save money by taking a look at the cashback options that some networks provide. This means you get a discount on a higher spec package because they will take money off your bill each month. Sometimes this is automatic, other times you need to remember to claim it, but it will be clearly stated, and if you have to do the paperwork, you will be sent details of precisely what to do and when. 

iPhone 6s Plus Sim Free Deals

The iPhone 6s Plus is something of an icon; it features the large bezel and the central home button that Apple used in their first generations of the phone. It changed from iPhone X to an infinity screen, but there is something incredibly popular about this older design. So, for some people, maybe because they are handset collectors or perhaps because they prefer pay-as-you-go, the handset is all they are after. A Sim Free deal means you are just purchasing the phone outright, and again competition for your hard-earned cash is fierce so you will find various offers being made.

When it comes to pay monthly, you will find that multiple extra services are thrown into the package, and these often take the form of subscriptions to streaming services either for television and movies or for music. As this isn’t possible for Sim Free handsets, you will also find a range of free gifts, which often cross over into the pay monthly categories too. These can be anything from a free console or tablet to headphones and watches, or even vouchers or a preloaded Mastercard. The overarching aim is to get you to place your order with them, and you are the one who benefits.