iPhone SE Deals

The iPhone SE is something of a concept phone and was released by Apple along with the wave of ninth-generation handsets. The idea is that the phone offers the same sort of technology as the other handsets but at a cut down the rate, making it cheaper. The trade-off is that some of the features like the camera are not as good as their flagship phones and it is not really designed for users who want intensive apps and gaming as this will slow the phone down.

But if you like small handsets and it measures just 4 inches, and you still want to be part of the Apple world, then this could be an ideal phone for you. There are rumours that Apple will be adding a second SE which has been upgraded and updated to the range but as yet nothing is confirmed and this remains a really valuable handset with a lot to offer. It has certainly captured the imagination of buyers and has been one of their top-selling handsets since it was released in 2016. If you want to learn more about what this handset can offer, we have put together a comprehensive review, and you will find that there are many fantastic pay monthly deals if you decide this phone is for you.

iPhone SE Contract Offers

Because of its design and age, this handset is an absolute bargain. You will find many low-cost pocket-friendly deals that give you the opportunity to own this phone. It is perfect for those on a budget, and popular with students and other uses. Finding the best deal for you is a combination of three factors. Firstly you have your talk time, and texts and these are generally combined, meaning you will either find unlimited talk time and texts, or a specific allowance each month.

The cost between unlimited and capped tends to be so negligible it makes sense to go with the unlimited. Should you happen to go over an allowance, you would be charged for the calls at a higher rate than usual so it is sensible to take away that concern by having unlimited access. You will find with all mobile phone contracts, but charges are applied to the account if you use premium rate phone numbers or text lines. For some people, this is just part of having the handset, whereas, for others, this knowledge means they simply don’t use them. The choice is yours. 

iPhone SE Big Data Deals

When it comes to choosing the correct data deal for you, you need to work out roughly how much data you’re going to use in a month. If you’ve already had a contract mobile phone, you will be able to see an accurate picture, but if not, it is something that can be estimated. Data is used when you cannot connect to Wi-Fi network, so if you spend all day at home or in an office or in a building that has access to Wi-Fi, you will not need much data.

If you spend a lot of time out and about connected to 4G or 5G, your data usage might be a lot higher. It also depends on what processes you want your phone to carry out. Things like sending and receiving emails do not take a lot of data, but if you are planning to use your phone for other more intensive things like streaming films, or using the handset to connect a laptop or tablet to the Internet, you will need more data. Big data deals are designed for people who have a high data requirement, and you can always find unlimited data deals, but you will pay more for these.

iPhone SE Cheapest Deals

So when it comes to finding the cheapest deal for the iPhone SE, you are in luck, as there are so many amazingly reasonable deals out there. Remember, it is only a good deal if you actually have enough cover to maintain the way you sure phone without having to pay extra charges every month. Again this is mainly down to the data allowance you choose, and some companies will now let you roll over any and use data into the next month, but a lot of network providers simply reset the clock and start from zero.

It is almost better to have too much data than not enough because you never know when things might be unusual, and you might end up using more than normal. The length of the contract also impacts on the price, so a 36-month contract will have a lower monthly cost than a 12-month contract as you are rewarded for your loyalty. You do need to remember in this case, that you are tied in for three years which means you will have the same handset unless you buy something different, and breaking the contract is expensive and comes with financial penalties.

iPhone SE Sim Free Deals

You can also choose to purchase the iPhone SE on a Sim free deal, and this is not a bad price when it comes to buying the handset outright. It does mean that you wouldn’t have a Sim card, so you need to source one from somewhere else, and this is a popular way to get a new phone for pay-as-you-go customers.

Pay-as-you-go does tend to be more expensive in the long run than being on a contract even if you only spend about £10 a month. So it is always worth having a look at your options before deciding. Other people use sim free deals to get a new handset if they have broken their phone and it cannot be repaired, and they still have several months left on the contract. The only thing you will need to remember is to pick a handset that is either unlocked or on the same network as your Sim card otherwise it will not work as your sim card contract cannot be changed.