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The iPhone XR is one of the newer handsets to be released by Apple and it is one that is very popular and is still one of their best handsets on the market. Apple has always prided themselves on being a brand leader when it comes to their mobile devices and the iPhone XR is no exception. It is aimed at a slightly more budget end of the market than their top range handsets and it is over a year old now which means that you can get a real bargain on this handset if you shop for the best deal.

This phone is well designed and has one of the newer full-screen displays on it. It is a Liquid Retina IPS capacitive touchscreen that measures 6.1-inches. So you get a lot of screen for your money. This is a great phone for those that want to get an iPhone but don’t have the money to pay the premium for the top models. There are a huge number of different reviews and deals on this phone available but we have sifted through them to bring you the best ones on our site.

iPhone XR Contract Offers

If you are looking to get yourself a new handset then signing up for a monthly contract deal is one of the more popular ways to do it. With a monthly contract then you have a fixed monthly price which makes it easier for you to plan your budget unlike with a pay-as-you-go phone. In order to get a monthly contract, you need to decide what allowances you want with your phone. This normally includes a number of texts, voice minutes and a data allowance.

Most phone deals include unlimited texts, and many also include unlimited voice minutes as well. It is the amount of data that normally determines your monthly costs. When it comes to the voice minutes that you get then it is important to know that not every call is included. If you regularly make calls to international number, or premium rate lines then these are not covered by your included minutes even if you have unlimited. Therefore it is always important to check the number before you call it to see how much it will cost you. Your network provider will help with this by providing you with an itemized bill each month that shows you the cost of each individual call. 

iPhone XR Big Data Deals

When it comes to your monthly bill the biggest determining factor is your data allowance. This is an amount of mobile data that you can use each month without there being extra charges. Mobile data is used by your phone whenever you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, whether it is your Wi-Fi at home or the Wi-Fi in the place that you are currently. When you run out of your data allowance your phone won’t stop working, but you might well be charged for the extra data that you use so it is important to make sure you manage your data well.

The more apps you have on your phone the more data you will use generally, this is because a lot of apps will use data in the background to get updates and send notifications to you about things that are happening. This isn’t a huge amount and so it doesn’t affect your allowance too much. However, if you start doing things like streaming video, or video calling your friends whilst on mobile data then you may find your allowance being used a lot quicker. Therefore you should ensure that you are connected to Wi-Fi to do these things. 

iPhone XR Cheapest Deals

When you want to find the best deal for you, you shouldn’t always automatically go for the cheapest price. You might find that that deal only includes 1GB of data and you get charged a fortune for each megabyte that you go over your allowance. Therefore the best thing to do is first to determine your data requirements, so if you need 30GB per month, then look around for the best deal that includes at least 30GB of data per month. This will work out to be the cheapest for you. Another way to reduce your monthly price is by looking at your handset.

Your monthly bill has two parts to it, the part for your handset and the part for your network. Therefore if you go for a cheaper handset then that part of the bill will be reduced and you will pay less. You will also find a number of different deals around that include some form of cashback offer. This means that you can include the amount of cashback in your calculations when doing a budget. Some cashback offers are automatic which means you don’t have to do anything to get the money back. Other offers require you to make a claim to get the cashback but your network provider should give you the details on how to make that claim, just don’t forget to do it. 

iPhone XR Sim Free Deals

If you don’t want to commit to a fixed monthly bill then another great way to get a handset is to go the SIM-Free option. This means that you essentially buy the handset outright from the beginning. This means that you need to have a lump sum in order to be able to buy the handset which for some of the latest devices can mean a cost of over a thousand pounds. Going for a slightly older handset like the iPhone XR means that it will be cheaper and more affordable upfront.

You are then free to choose any SIM you like to go with it and can change around as much as you want. The networks tend to put really good deals on SIM-Free handsets to keep you as a customer and these sometimes include free gifts. You might be able to get a games console, a tablet or a prepaid credit card with your handset. Other companies include bundled services such as for things like BT Sport, Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Spotify and these can mean that you get a great deal for your money.