Samsung Galaxy A20e Deals

Part of the 2019 A-series of handsets, the Samsung Galaxy A20e is a mid-range smaller size smartphone with a 5.8-inch screen. While it still features some of the best Samsung technology it has been designed to have a cheaper price tag and is slightly more robust with a plastic case and back for those who may have a more active lifestyle and want a handset that will survive being knocked. The smaller screen appeals to many users who are not fans of the current large screen phones and prefer something that is easier to use with one hand.

There are many deals on offer, and while this phone is less than a year old, you will easily find something that will suit your budget. To learn more about what this handset has to offer why not have a look at our comprehensive review and if you think it might be the phone for you, move onto our reviews of the network providers. We have also put together as many deals as we can find for this handset and others, so you are sure to find something that works well for you here. 

Samsung Galaxy A20e Contract Offers

A pay monthly contract takes away the hassle of having to top up a pay-as-you-go phone, and over time it is likely to work out cheaper. If you spend more than £10 a month on a pay-as-you-go phone, you will be able to find a comparable contract on something like the Galaxy A20e and will find you have more on offer. The contract is made up of your talk time, texts, and data and each will come with some form of allowance. To get the agreed price you need to stick within the quotas, so it’s important that you have enough to cover yourself for the way you use your phone.

Generally, talk time and texts are combined together, and very often, you will find unlimited options for a reasonable price. If you do not use your phone that much, you can find deals with things like 1000 minutes of talk time and 1000 texts up to 10,000 minutes of talk time and 10,000 texts and of course, this will change the price so you should be able to find something you can afford. If you have an allowance and go over it, you will be charged at a higher rate for any calls or text you make, so it is worth making sure you remain within your limits.

Samsung Galaxy A20e Big Data Deals

If you want to use your phone to access the Internet when you are not connected to Wi-Fi, you need to take into consideration your data allowance. Most modern phones have various processes running in the background but use a small amount of data. For example, if you pop out, your phone will still continue to check for new emails on a regular basis, and this uses data.

If you then want to stream movies or use your apps when you are out, you need to make sure there is enough data to cover you. You can tell if your phone is using data as 4G or 5G will be displayed on the screen. Big data deals were created for customers who like to use their phone a lot or indeed use their handset as a primary source of Internet and do not actually have Wi-Fi. This gives you a large bundle of data at a reasonable price, making the contract more affordable.

Samsung Galaxy A20e Cheapest Deals

So finding the cheapest deal, it’s not just about the smallest numbers on the screen. You need to establish what data you want to purchase and look for deals within that range. The good news is the mobile phone contract industry is a buyers market as there are so many mobile phone providers and retailers competing for your business. You can also change the amount you pay each month by altering the duration of the contract. Most contracts are offered on the 12th, 18, 24 or 36-month basis, and the longer you tie yourself in for, the cheaper your payments will be.

You need to remember that a mobile phone contract cannot just be broken, so if you do want to break it early, you will have to pay charges to leave. Cashback is another way that you can benefit from competition; in this case, you will be able to access a higher contract for a lower fee. The cashback is not available as a physical transaction; it is simply an adjustment to your bill that means you pay less. In some cases, you need to claim the cashback yourself; otherwise, the benefit is lost, and instructions will be provided. In other instances the network will automatically apply it for you, meaning you do not have to worry.

Samsung Galaxy A20e Sim Free Deals

Another way to purchase this handset is to take a Sim free option, in which case you are buying the phone outright, and there is no contract or Sim card included in the deal. You also cannot pay monthly you will need to pay in one lump sum upfront. Again there will be competition between providers to tempt you to pick them, so be sure to check out the market carefully. You will need a Sim card from somewhere, and existing pay-as-you-go customers find this the best way to upgrade the handset.

It is also a lifesaver if your handset has been broken beyond repair, but you need to make sure that you are buying a handset that is unlocked or on the same network as your Sim card. When it comes to free gifts, you will find some great offers, including games consoles, wearables, tablets and more. Pay monthly customers will also be offered free subscriptions to various streaming services, but obviously, these are not available to Sim free customers as you are not purchasing a contract.