Samsung Galaxy S7 Deals

Deciding to get a new phone is an exciting time, only so many on the market it can take some time to determine what is best for you. The latest flagship phones can be really tempting, but they do tend to come with a hefty price tag which puts them out of the range of some people. In that case, you can always look at a slightly older version of the same phone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is now three years old and is still a perfectly functioning future-proofed mobile phone.

The S series has always been one of the premium handset ranges on offer from Samsung, so you are getting a high-quality handset that has been packed with technology. It also has the advantage of having a 5.1-inch screen which bucks the current trend of really large handsets. This will appeal to many users who prefer a smaller phone that fits more neatly in one hand. That said there is still plenty of screen space for playing mobile games or streaming movies and watching television. To see exactly what this phone has to offer have a look at our comprehensive review and then browse the many deals we have found.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Contract Offers

Pay monthly contracts tend to be a bit of a marmite issue. You either love them or hate them, but generally, those people that do not like them do not have the full set of facts. There are some people who really do not use their phone enough to be concerned about a pay monthly contract, but typically, most people who use pay-as-you-go would actually save money by moving to a monthly deal. Even if you only spend £10 or £15 a month on your handset as pay-as-you-go, you can potentially find a deal just as cheap if not cheaper, and you will actually have access to more benefits.

This takes away the issue of your phone stopping working because you have run out of credit, which can be really annoying and potentially dangerous if you cannot make a call when you need to. With a pay monthly contract you have a talk time and text allowance, and if you do happen to go over this allowance your phone will keep working, but you will be charged for the call, which in an emergency is no big deal. Alternatively, you could look for a deal that offers unlimited talk time and texts, which means you will not go over your allowance and your phone will always work.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Big Data Deals

If you use any of your apps while you are out and about and not connected to Wi-Fi, or pick up your email, or stream films and movies, you will be using data. So it is crucial that you have a data allowance that meets your needs. While some processes like email do not take much data, if you decide to stream some catch-up services, you will undoubtedly be using a substantial amount of data. Again if you go over your allowance, you will be charged, and your phone will keep working, which can come as a bit of a surprise at the end of the month.

So it is better to make sure that you purchased a contract that gives you a data allowance that provides what you need on a regular basis and offer some to spare for unusual days. If you need a lot of data, you might want to consider a big data deal which as the name suggests offers a substantial amount of data at an affordable price. You will also find some network providers offering unlimited data deals, but these are going to be more expensive on a monthly basis, however, for some people, it will be the best solution.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Cheapest Deals

This means when it comes to picking your pay monthly deal, you shouldn’t get too hung up on the cheapest options. Just because something has a lower price tag does not mean it is fit for purpose. All that happens if you do not have enough in the way of allowances is that you end up paying more every month anyway, so you may as well find a deal that fits your lifestyle.

There are other ways to change the price on your monthly deal, for example, you can extend the contract term from the standard to use to 3 years, not every provider offers this but those that do you will have a lower monthly fee on the more extended contract. You need to be happy to tie yourself in for this length of time and stick with the same phone for the period. You can also change the monthly price by offering to contribute to the cost of the handset, and again the process varies from each provider some have a fixed contribution. In contrast, others will allow you to contribute on a sliding scale until you find a package that suits you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Sim Free Deals

If you are dead set on not having a contract, but really fancy a new handset you can purchase it on a Sim free deal. This means you are just buying the handset and can get a pay-as-you-go Sim card to go with it. You need to make sure the phone is either unlocked all the Sim card is on the same network as the handset. It does mean paying the full price for the phone upfront, but you are not in a contract with any network provider.

A Sim free handset can also be the solution if your current phone gets lost or stolen and you need to get a replacement but don’t have insurance. Again you will need to have the same network as your Sim card contract or make sure the phone is unlocked to any network. There are plenty of different deals on offer, so shop around before you decide where to purchase your phone.