Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Deals

Getting a new phone can be challenging with so many different deals and handsets on offer. Many people like the idea of the new high-end flagship phones but simply cannot afford the contract prices when they first come out. One of the good things about these handsets is that they are so well-made that they offer a very long lifespan. So although the Galaxy Note 8 was released in 2017, it is still a really impressive phone that has a lot to give. Because it is a couple of years old, you will find that the monthly prices have dropped quite significantly and now it is more affordable for a broader range of audience.

The Note series is one of the flagships ranges offered by Samsung and features the iconic S Pen, which is a stylus that adds to the functionality. These handsets are ideally suited to social users and business users alike. It has often been likened to carrying a computer in your pocket because there is a lot of office functionality included in Note phones. For a comprehensive overview of what this particular phone has to offer, have a look at our review. If you decide that is the handset for you there are loads of different deals available from many network providers and mobile phone retailers, so all you have to do is find the perfect deal for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Contract Offers

You may be wondering how to go about finding the best contract offer, and this depends on how you use your phone. Whether you make a lot of calls and send a lot of texts, or spend a lot of time out and about away from Wi-Fi networks, there is a deal for you. If we start with talk time and texts, you will see that most providers offer these on an unlimited basis. This is because they are the cheapest part of the contract for a network provider to deliver. However, if you do not use your handset as much, there are deals with allocated minutes of talk time and a set amount of texts.

This might well make your monthly payment slightly cheaper, but you do need to take care that you are not in any danger of going over these allowances as you will be charged at a higher rate. Generally, it is not that much more expensive to have this as an unlimited feature which takes away any fear of overspending in this area. Typically mobile phone contracts do not cover the cost of premium rate phone numbers or texts so you will be charged extra if you use any of the services, but they can be easily avoided if you prefer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Big Data Deals

Data is the area that many people do not get right, and this is also where extra charges can leave customers disappointed in the contract they have chosen. It is essential to understand how data works and when it is used, and basically, this is when you have no Wi-Fi connection, and your phone is displaying the 4G or 5G symbol. Of course, if you make calls and texts, this has nothing to do with data unless you are sending iMessages to other Apple devices.

Data comes into play when you connect to the Internet for things like sending and receiving emails, using apps, streaming music or films and other activities. Modern smartphones also use a small amount of data automatically because they keep running checks for things like new emails and updating GPS services. With this in mind, you are unlikely to find a deal that doesn’t offer any data, but you need to make sure you choose wisely and have enough allowance for the things you use when you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cheapest Deals

So as you can see, finding the cheapest deal is more than just about looking at the numbers on the screen. You need to find a deal that actually covers your needs and then start looking for the best offer in that area. For example, if you need 30 GB of data a month, you will find 30 or 40 different pay monthly contracts on offer from a range of network providers, and they will all be slightly different, so you have a good choice.

You will find as well as differing in prices they also offer various incentives so you could look for something that suits you best. Many providers have free access to streaming services on offer either for part or all of the duration of the contract, and these are things like Apple Music, Amazon Prime Video, BT sports and more. So potentially you may pay a couple of pounds more than you wanted for your monthly contract, but you have access to a service worth £7/£8 a month

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Sim Free Deals

If you prefer you can purchase the handset outright on a Sim free basis, and this means you literally get the phone with no Sim card or contract attached. Of course, it won’t work without a Sim card, so this tends to be for people who already have an existing arrangement. For example, pay-as-you-go customers who really do not want to have a contract but fancy a new handset.

If you are midway through a deal and break your phone beyond repair, this could be a way to get a replacement, and in both of these cases, you need to make sure the handset you are purchasing is unlocked or locked to the same network as your Sim card. You will still find some healthy competition between network providers, so while you may be spending several hundred on purchasing a handset you might be rewarded with a free games console, wireless charger, wearable, or other gifts so have a look around and see what there is on offer.