Samsung Galaxy S20

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Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G deals

Storage 128GB
Colour Grey
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  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (128GB Grey Refurbished Grade A)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (128GB Grey Refurbished Grade A)
  • Upfront cost£75.00
  • Total cost£1107.00
  • Contract length24 months
  • 24GB data
  • £43.00 per month
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (128GB Grey Refurbished Grade A)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (128GB Grey Refurbished Grade A)
  • Upfront cost£200.00
  • Total cost£1112.00
  • Contract length24 months
  • Unlimited data
  • £38.00 per month
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals

For many people, a new phone means the latest flagship handset has been released, and they have to have it. Samsung is one of the big three players in the UK phone market, and they have two flagship series, the S series and the note series. Both ranges have unique features making them appeal to a broader range of audiences and generally, customers like one or the other. The latest S series is the S20 range, and this is the standard handset with a number of variations around it. This is a 6.2-inch infinity screen with the smallest of pinprick front-facing camera housings. Once more Samsung has gone all out to ensure that this is a premium handset with a glass front and back and an aluminium frame. 

It also features a triple rear camera array, the latest version of android and a whopping 128 GB of built-in storage and a micro SDXC card slot for even more. It is a 2020 release that is proving massively popular, and it is unsurprising given its impressive feature list and stunning design. To find out precisely what this handset has to offer check out our comprehensive reviews where you can compare handsets side-by-side in order to ensure that you get the best phone for your needs.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Contract Offers

Being one of the latest flagship handsets, you would expect a slightly higher price tag. But thanks to a competitive market place you will find that there is a good range of deals at all sorts of prices, so it is worth doing your research and having a good look around. There are many different network providers, and they all have their pricing structures and various incentives used to tempt customers to sign with them. 

This means you can find something within budget and you may even get something extra thrown in. You are looking for a package that meets the needs of the way you use your phone. This is in terms of your talk time, texts and data. Do you spend a lot of time making calls, do you send hundreds of texts or is your handset use all about your data. Generally speaking, you will find many packages offering unlimited talk time and texts, which is a good thing to take advantage of. It means there is no danger of going over an allowance because there isn’t one. The only thing you will need to be wary of is that all network providers charge for calls made to premium rate phone numbers or text lines.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Big Data Deals

Understanding data is perhaps a more important thing because this is where the contract can get really expensive. Assuming that most people only want to pay the price that is shown on the screen each month, it is important that you have enough data to cover your usage over a calendar month. Data is what we use to access the Internet when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. It is important to remember that this includes all processes such as using apps, sending and receiving emails, and downloading and streaming movies or music. It also applies if you use your handset as a hotspot to connect another device to the Internet. 

All smartphones tend to run processes in the background which use a small amount of data, which is why it is rare to see a package offering no data. If you use a lot of data, big data deals are designed for you, and these provide significant data allowances at a reasonable price. You will also find some companies offering access to unlimited data, but this will be slightly more expensive again. However, for some people, this will be just what they want to meet their mobile phone usage needs.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Cheapest Deals

So one thing to remember when it comes to finding the best mobile deal for you is not to get too caught up on the lowest prices. These are only a good deal if they offer what you need from your phone contract. Otherwise, you are just going to end up paying significant fees because you are going over all of your allowances every month. Data is as we have said the most critical consideration so start looking at deals that offer the amount of data you want. You may even find something with more data than you want at a lower price. Also, pay attention to the terms and conditions offered by the network provider. Some will allow you to roll over any unused data into the next month; others just reset the counter. 

You can also impact the price in other ways, for example, the length of the contract you subscribe to changes the monthly figure. Deals tend to come as 12, 18, 24 or 36 months, and the longer you are prepared to tie in for the cheaper the monthly payment will be. You need to be aware that this means you will have the same handset for that period and you cannot break the contract without paying a termination fee which can be really expensive. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Sim Free Deals

The other option when it comes to getting a new handset is to do so on a Sim free basis. This means you pay the full value of the handset up front and receive just the phone with no Sim card or pay monthly deal attached. When it comes to the high-end flagship phones, this is an expensive endeavour as they are often on the market for £1000 or more. 

However, it is still the way some people prefer to purchase their phones, and it is a competitive market so you will find plenty of deals on offer that may give you something back in the way of a free gift. Of course, you do need a Sim card in order for the handset to work. So you will need to source one independently, whether that be a pay-as-you-go Sim card or a pay monthly deal you already have open and need to finish the time on.