Samsung Galaxy A70 Deals

When it comes to getting a new mobile phone, Samsung is a name that speaks of quality and high-performance. Considered to be one of the top three mobile phone manufacturers they have many different handsets at all levels so you can be sure there is something for everyone. The A-series is a mid-range series of phones that generally feature a plastic casing which makes them more robust for those people who have a more out and about lifestyle and may drop or knock their phone by accident during the course of the day.

They still feature some impressive hardware and software, and the price tag will make any bank account happy. The A70 has a nice size 6.7-inch screen, and this is a very popular size at the moment because people tend to use their mobile phones for streaming services and mobile gaming. Many customers are put off of the high-end flagship handsets by the cost, and this is an excellent compromise to getting a handset that is well-made and high performing without having to spend a fortune. To learn more about this phone have a look at our comprehensive review, and then all the deals that we have pulled together so you can find something that perfectly suits your needs.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Contract Offers

A pay monthly contract tends to be the best way to get a new handset, and it is cheaper in the long run for most people than sticking with pay-as-you-go. Deals tend to vary in duration, and you can choose from 12, 18, 24 or 36 months with the latter being the cheapest option if you are prepared to commit for longer. However, this 2019 handset still has some very reasonable pay monthly options even on a 12-month contract, so if you are concerned about being tied in, this could be a good place to start. When it comes to selecting the perfect contract, you need to consider three things:

your talk time and texts which tend to be dealt with together and your data allowance. You can choose to have unlimited talk time and texts or to have a specified allowance depending on how you think you will use your phone. Going over an allowance costs you extra money, and your phone will keep working, but you will be charged at a premium rate for any calls or texts that exceed the contract allowance. So in many ways for talk time and texts, it is better to stick with the unlimited deals.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Big Data Deals

Data can be a bit more tricky to work out, especially if you have no experience of a pay monthly mobile phone. We use data when there is no Wi-Fi signal available, so if your handset is showing the 4G or 5G symbol, you are using data. With modern handsets, there are generally processes running in the background, such as picking up your email periodically that use a small amount of data whether you are aware of it or not. Even if you do not spend a lot of time using your phone without a Wi-Fi connection, it pays to have some data allowance.

At the other end of the scale, big data deals are designed for customers who spend a lot of time running data-intensive processes such as streaming movies or using their phone to connect other devices to the Internet. In many cases, you will find companies offering unlimited data, but this will be more expensive on a pay monthly basis compared to a capped data level, so you need to decide what is going to work best for you.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Cheapest Deals

Customers are often concerned with getting the cheapest deal, but as you learn more about mobile phone contracts, you will come to realise that this can actually be a source of false economy. Just because the monthly price is cheap it does not mean the deal on offer will suit your lifestyle. We tend to recommend a customer start by working out their data allowance and looking at deals in that range. You will still find a variety of prices on offer, as the network providers and mobile phone retailers all compete to get your business.

As well as trying to offer a competitive monthly rate, they tend to use other offers to get you to sign with them. For example, in some cases paying towards the cost of the handset will bring the monthly premium down. Cashback is another popular choice, and this gives you a higher value contract at a lower monthly price. Care needs to be taken when it comes to cashback, as in some cases the onus is on you to claim it once the contract is up and running and if you don’t want the benefit is simply lost. However, it should be clearly indicated on each deal whether the cashback needs to be claimed or whether it is applied automatically by the network provider.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Sim Free Deals

If you really are not happy about having a contract, you can purchase any hand sat on a Sim free basis. This means that you pay for the handset in one payment up front and do you not receive any Sim card with it. Of course, to work, it will need a Sim card from another source so if you already have a pay-as-you-go Sim card you can use that provided it is on the same network.

Changing network on a pay-as-you-go Sim is generally straightforward, providing you don’t mind losing your number, it is slightly more complicated if you wish to keep your number. Some people purchase a Sim free phone because they have broken their handset or it is not repairable, and again if this is part of a contract you need to make sure you stick with the same network provider for the handset to work. Network providers cannot be changed mid-contract, you will need to either buy a phone on their network or an unlocked handset.